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Wit Design is an interior design agency specialising in brand communication, or rather, architecture-based brand concepts. We are a flexible partner that delivers custom-made services. Rather than coasting on Wit Design’s good reputation, we are always hungry for improvement. 

Our team consists of a group of creative, friendly and highly specialised designers that are dedicated to delivering results for Wit Design and for our clients. In order to streamline our activities and the communication with our clients we make sure you always get to talk to the person who is actually doing the work. The people you meet at the introductory meeting are the same people who will guide you through the process. Working together towards achieving the best result, with each other and with others, is the driving force behind the Wit Design team.


Where it all started

When Hans de Wit started designing exhibition stands forty years ago, he quickly recognised that he could add a lot of value to a brand by giving it a spatial dimension. To make it rise above itself without artificial, ostentatious elements. “The more frills you add, the more you detract from the brand.” He took the concepts of brand story and objectives as starting points for his designs to create stands with ‘soul’. After 37 years in the business Hans decided to hand over the baton to his son Bas. After studying architectural design Bas initially decided to go his own way, before entering into his father’s employ at age thirty. As creative director for Wit Design Bas is currently responsible for safeguarding his father’s legacy. 


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