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Would like to work with Wit Design at building a strong concept that puts your brand centre stage? In four steps we will create a comprehensive package for optimal brand performance that is custom-made for your audience’s customer journey. We have been working with clients across a range of sectors for over forty years, always full of enthusiasm and absolutely convinced of our ability to create a strong concept that will make the most of a brand. We do this by means of creative sessions that allow us to find inspiration, brainstorm on our ideas and ultimately arrive at a unique design for your business’s brand architecture.

1. Getting acquainted

In this process, collaboration is key. We work with our clients and contractors to achieve the best result. We would also like to get to know you better and tell you about our passion: design.

2. Design

After getting to know you and outlining the parameters of the project, our designers will get to work straight away. They are always filled with ideas, but we need your input to create a design that fits your brand to a T. Usually we have multiple creative sessions with our clients. The end result is a design that shows the hand of both the client and our designers. 

3. Quotation

We like to be open and transparent about the costs of our services. That is why we start drawing up a reliable quotation at the design stage. This means you will know what costs will be involved in the project at an early stage in the collaboration. Our projects are delivered turnkey and at fixed rates.

4. Project supervision
and completion

After we have received a go for the project, we will take care of all preparations and supervise construction up to the moment of completion. During the project will we of course keep you up to date on the latest developments and actively involve you in brainstorming on the concept for your brand. Our goal is to guide our clients through the process and make it as carefree as possible.

The brand and customer journey as starting points

Striking the right balance between the strength of a brand and customer behaviour forges a stronger connection between customer and brand. Together with our clients we map the customer journey and make sure our design is in perfect alignment. When do customers come into contact with the brand, how do they experience these moments and what image does the brand want to project? The answers to these questions will ultimately be the starting point for Wit Design’s creative process.

"Brand architecture is the spatial organisation where form, space and ambience reflects the entity of a brand, where relationships exist and transactions take place"

"Brand architecture is the spatial organisation where form, space and ambience reflects the entity of a brand, where relationships exist and transactions take place"

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Creative boutique agency

Wit Design works with an international network of clients and contractors to achieve the best results. Personal attention and our ample expertise allow us to ensure that we get the best out of ourselves and our projects. From our office at Ulvenhout, we work with clients from various sectors and maintain extensive partnerships to make sure every completed project meets the client’s requirements and expectations.

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